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Gurtne za rasterećenje zglobova kod vježbi kao što su veslanja, dizanja na vratilu, mrtvo dizanje...

These Lifting straps are camouflage straps with a loop that you can simply wrap around the wrist and so increase your grip when doing heavy exercises. Covered with non-slip layer to ensure best grip while doing back, hamstring or abdomen exercises,

Lifting straps are made from high-quality and non-slip fabric. They are finished by a loop on one side and on the other by quality stitching preventing fraying. To ensure better comfort, straps are equipped with a neoprene protective padding at the back part of the hand, where pressure is the greatest. Package includes 1 pair of straps for both hands.

straps with a loop camo

Straps will help you get stronger and gain more muscle when used correctly.

For who are lifting straps made for?

They are normally used by bodybuilders, but many ordinary lifters use them as well. Powerlifters and other strength athletes will also appreciate them.

Lifting straps benefits

  • simplest type of straps
  • loop allows easy and secure wrapping around wrist
  • finished by a loop
  • made of solid cotton fabric
  • comfortable neoprene padding
  • non-slip strap surface
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